Systems Engineer

I know my way around VMware, Linux, Windows, OS X, BSD, Solaris... basically anything you can throw at me (but not specifically in that order)! Keeping systems up and running is what I do, assisted by my trusty MacBook Pro.

Web Developer

We have a saying in Dutch: "Daar draai ik mijn hand niet voor om". I'm fluent in both frontend and backend languages including, but not limited to, PHP, Python, HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript (jQuery).

Security Officer / Project Manager

When your systems are hacked, who you gonna call? I'm familiar with CoBIT, COSO, ISO27001, ISO27005 etc. My experience includes setting up Business Continuity Management Plans (according to BS25999), implementing controls to conform to various standards (ITILv2) and managing these projects with PRINCE2 and/or SCRUM.

... Work hard, play hard

There's no work without play. Here are some activites I enjoy in my free time!

Pretty much anything with a board

Surfing on snow or snowboarding on the sidewalk, that's my preferred method of transporation.

Riding around on my bike

Freedom! Speed! Enjoying the landscape whilst zooming about. Sign me up!

Playing the guitar

Well... I try to anyway :-).

Riding around on my bike

Wait what? Again? Yup. I love to go outdoors when the weather allows me to.